YOU can help students succeed in school

Jennifer Silva first participated in Homework Club when she was eight years old. As a new immigrant from Mexico, Jenni was very shy and did not have the confidence to speak out loud in school. Homework Club at our Nuestro Center was a comfortable place where she practiced speaking English with her best friend, Norma Chavez.

“As a child, Nuestro Center was a place I could always rely on. Living in a family where Spanish was the main language, it was the place where I could get assistance with my homework. They provided lots of opportunities I would not have experienced if I were not in the program. Now with everything that is going on, I want to support the same organization that helped me by helping other children. “

Jenni is now a volunteer tutor at Nuestro Center, and she enjoys helping her first-grade students learn and grow. Jenni and Norma are still friends twelve years later, and attend Northeastern Illinois University together. Jenni and Norma will put their Homework Club experience to good use when they both become teachers in 2021.

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