YOU can help students gain confidence

Laurie Sornson is a Homework Club volunteer who brings an immigrant's perspective to her work with our students. “As an immigrant who came to the U.S. when I was eight years old, I know how hard it is to transition to a new life and new language. I want these students to have the confidence to not only learn, but also ask for help when they don’t know or understand something.”

After driving her two older children, Nolan and Annika, back and forth to the Nuestro Center's Homework Club, Laurie decided to volunteer herself. Volunteering became a family affair when Laurie’s youngest child Ian joined her at Homework Club, too. As an immigrant, Laurie relates to the difficulties her students must overcome learning a new language and helping parents who do not know English. Laurie recalled how an ice skating field trip in February helped the students learn a new skill and build confidence. Many of the children had never skated before, and though some were reluctant, they all tried it. They fell down a lot, but got right back up, a lesson in the resilience and confidence first-generation students must develop to navigate through school.

Volunteers like Laurie and her family work with our staff to help build the confidence and skills students need for life success. With your support, our team engages with groups like Writers Theatre, Brushwood Center, and Urban Gateways to present hands-on, experiential, fun approaches to remote learning that actively engage even the youngest virtual learners.

Your donation supports innovative, confidence-building learning like these examples. With a new or increased donation between now and December 24, your gift will be doubled up to $10,000 by a grant from the Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County.  Please donate today. Thank you for your support if you have already made a gift to our Annual Appeal.