Preparing to See You Face-to-Face

From Nancy Knobloch, Executive Director

To say the last several months have been stressful is an understatement. For many, access to quality counseling is a lifeline. Our experienced licensed clinical therapists quickly found ways to connect with our clients remotely during the pandemic.

Thanks to our dedicated counselors, our services never stopped.

Our counseling team learned how to use technology to meet with clients, and many now use our HIPAA compliant Zoom platform for teletherapy appointments. Our team offers counseling by phone to those who do not use Zoom due to personal preference or lack of access. We are grateful that our staff and clients have readily adapted to new technology. Each week yet another client tells us, “I actually like this Zoom therapy.”

In addition to enabling us to maintain client support through the pandemic, using teletherapy will expand our ability to connect with clients in the future. But it isn’t perfect, and it isn’t a preferred solution for everyone. We know that many of our clients will prefer to meet with our therapists face-to-face when it is safe to do so.

We are preparing now to safely reunite our clients and counselors to meet in person.

Our counseling office in Highland Park needs to be upgraded to provide a safe environment for clients and staff. We are consulting with our counseling team to make decisions about layout and design that will create a warm, welcoming therapeutic space. For example, studies have shown that color can influence mood, cognition, and behavior. We want to make a space that follows safety guidelines while creating a sense of intimacy that helps our clients share their feelings.

Here is how we plan to upgrade our space.

  • Adding distance between the client and their clinician to ensure safe conversation.
  • Installing soundproofing to create a quiet, serene environment and provide privacy.
  • Painting our walls with colors that comfort and welcome clients.

These are just a few of the changes that we are making in our Highland Park counseling office. Counseling has been the core service for Family Service of Lake County for over 70 years, and these upgrades will help us continue to meet our clients safely. We would welcome your support of this initiative.  Thank you!