Marcia Pantell, MSW, PHP, PhD, LCSW

Field Director, Therapist

Psychotherapy is a journey of acceptance and change even as one seeks greater comfort due to life problems. I believe a major key to change lies in using empathy to create relationships that empower our hope and help us develop new visions of what is possible in the present. We cannot change our past, but we can often understand how it impacts our feelings, our present reactions, and options. We all need others who help us discern and accept what we cannot change, while developing our strengths, skills, and potentials. This is especially true when we are suffering and uncomfortable. Therapy tasks take courage and trust by both therapist and client(s). They take finding and using all resources available for problems. Therapy includes learning to collaborate. Finding a new path in life will challenge all parties to engage themselves wholly, set goals together, and follow through. It is an honor to be asked to be part of an individual’s life and growth, no matter what their circumstances.

I specialize in helping adults who struggle with relationship difficulties, anxiety, sadness, depression, low self-esteem, shame, and difficulty making decisions. My approach to therapy is integrative from several theories. It is most informed by a psychodynamic and relational understanding of people to which I add skills in cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment therapy, strengths-based approaches, motivational interviewing, and family systems therapy. I work with trauma using trauma informed therapy, deep breathing, imagery, and locating strengths. I refer to other professionals for services I do not provide, for example, some marriage counseling, and medications. My 30 + years of experience includes psychotherapy for individuals (mostly adults), groups, and families. I have worked extensively with many diagnostic conditions, and many diverse cultures and communities. I consider myself open to learning about all cultures and communities. I speak English and understand some Spanish. The pronouns I prefer are she, hers, and her.