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Linda Folan, LCSW

Linda Folan, LCSW

Linda Folan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Master of Social Work degree from Smith College. At Family Service of Lake County, Linda’s clients are seniors and caregivers who are most often seen in their homes as a way of accommodating client challenges such as reduced mobility/health problems, transportation issues or, in the case of a caregiver, not being able to leave the care receiver.

During the first session, Linda reassures clients she will work collaboratively with them and actively listens to the client talk about the reasons for seeking treatment, who are the client’s sources of support, what the client expects from treatment, and what the client might see as being the goal of therapy. She patiently explains that therapy is a process that takes time, beginning with the establishment of the therapeutic relationship.

Linda uses a motivational-interviewing style in sessions along with cognitive/behavioral techniques and problem solving skill building to partner with clients in attaining their goals and achieving symptom relief.