TutoringAt Family Service, more than 200 volunteers, from teens to retirees, serve as tutors, teachers, mentors, camp counselors, and chaperones in our programs. Project-based volunteer opportunities are also available.

Give back to your community and change a life!

To become a volunteer, please review the opportunities listed below. For Tutoring opportunities, please complete the linked application in the description.  For all other opportunities, please complete the Volunteer Form below. Please note that due to COVID-19, all elementary, middle school. and high school tutors will be working virtually through Zoom.  Our staff has developed exciting new ways to engage our students and looks forward to sharing them with our volunteers.

Homework Club is a win-win. Children get help with their homework and practice interaction skills with adults and teens. Volunteers have a chance to help children and fill a learning gap. We also get a lot of love!

—Homework Club Volunteer