Programs for Latino High School Students

High school programsSchool-Year Program

The Latino Youth Initiative (LYI) Program works with Highland Park High School students who need academic support, mentoring, and enrichment opportunities during out-of-school time to support students’ successful completion of high school and identification of post-graduation opportunities.

Our team meets with school counselors, teachers, and administrators regularly to discuss students' progress and develop additional support strategies for individual students as needed. Students participate in college and career exploration and learn concrete skills for how to access post-high school graduation opportunities. Social-emotional development is a key focus of the program.

In addition, the students participate in our Strengthening Emotional Life Foundations (SELF) Program, which is available to area youth through a variety of collaborative partnerships.

LYI prepares parents for navigating the college and vocational school application and scholarship system. It also offers parents opportunities to visit college campuses with students and gain an understanding of college life.

Summer Program

Our middle school and high school programs combine in the summer, providing creative and leadership-building group activities and field trips.

star  All LYI students have graduated from high school and moved on to post-graduation opportunities, including college and vocational school.

star  Most LYI participants attain scholarships to support their higher education, including Schuler, College-Bound Opportunities, and Rotary scholarships.


In the short period of time that I’ve been in this program, I’ve learned a lot of new information that will definitely improve the following years to come, especially when it comes to college. I’ve also been able to share my opinions and broaden my views.

—LYI participant

This program is a supportive community to help my high school experience. I love this program because I can relate to the mentors as well as my peers.

—LYI participant