Debbie Hege, LCSW

Director of Counseling
Debbie Hege

Debbie Hege is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who joined Family Service in 1999. She received her Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University of Chicago.

Debbie partners with clients across the lifespan from youth to seniors, individuals, couples and families by offering a safe, supportive environment where clients are able to feel heard. Within this supportive therapeutic relationship and as appropriate, past experiences are addressed in terms of how those experiences are influencing the present. During initial sessions, clients identify what is not working in their lives and what they would like to achieve in therapy. Debbie’s emphasis is on creating hope by helping a client better understand their strengths and how those strengths might be incorporated into daily life to facilitate change and encourage emotional, cognitive, physical and social growth.

By working collaboratively with clients, patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are no longer productive are replaced by healthier ways of doing and thinking. New, more suitable skills and ways of doing and thinking are developed.  Client concerns related to life transitions, relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and chronic mental illness are just some of the issues Debbie works with in therapy.