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OUR COUNSELING OFFICE IN HIGHLAND PARK AND HOME VISITS ARE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  If you are a current client, your therapist will reach out to you to discuss having either phone or video sessions.  To inquire about counseling services, please call 847-432-4981 and press 3 for either English or Spanish.

Counseling has been central to the mission of Family Service for almost 70 years. We provide clinical counseling to youth, families, couples, adults, and seniors in a safe, supportive, and caring environment. 


verified by Psychology Today

of our counseling clients report that they made “excellent” or “good” progress toward their counseling goals.

In the words of counseling clients:

I’ve made more progress emotionally with my therapist than I ever imagined.

Something that has really benefited me with counseling is the awareness spread to my family. It’s made my parents understand what I’m going through and that has helped me a whole lot.

I feel more confident since starting counseling because I feel like my feelings and experiences have been validated.

From a Family Service therapist:

I treasure the moment when a client reports an insight that changes their life.