Youth Counseling

Lori looks like a 20-year-old you might pass any day in Highland Park.  Her story is anything but ordinary. Raised by parents who suffered from untreated mental illness, she grew up isolated and was anxious and untrusting of the outside world.  At 18, she fell into a severe depression. 

With rare parental contact, no support system, and no money, she was staying on friends’ couches, just trying to get through each day.  Facing homelessness, Lori came to Family Service at the suggestion of a friend and began meeting with counselor Lauren Giles.  Lauren focused on Lori’s strengths and perseverance while helping her work through the trauma of her past.  They also focused on needs requiring immediate attention—housing, medical attention, employment.  Lori now has stability in her life: a place to call her own, a part-time job, and plans to attend college next term.  With a positive outlook to her future and an agency dedicated to her success, she has learned firsthand that by reaching out to others, we sometimes save ourselves.