Youth and Family Counseling Expansion

This fall, Family Service is expanding its services with a therapist focused on youth and family counseling.

The national outlook for teen mental health, coupled with input from schools and other community partners, identifies this as a critical need in our communities.The rate of anxiety and depression among American teens is steadily on the rise, possibly as much as eight times higher than 50 years ago (Dept. of Health and Human Services).

Data released recently by the Department of Health and Human Services reported that between 2007 and 2015 the suicide rate doubled for girls and grew 30 percent for boys.

Despite need, less than half of teens and children with a mental illness receive treatment, due to  barriers including cost, social stigma, and limited providers. Many  individuals and families, even when insured, find it difficult to pay for appropriate mental health services due to factors such as high deductibles and fees. As a leader in providing professional counseling by licensed therapists since 1949, Family Service is here to help.

Counseling is available at our Highland Park office, at CROYA in Lake Forest, and at our office in Barrington. Insurance is accepted, and fees may be reduced in cases of financial hardship. To learn more, please call 847-432-4981.