Middle School YESS Program

When she first met Anna, our Youth Advocate, who works with teens and pre-teens, could see right away that she was a bright and enthusiastic girl.  However, Anna was unusually quiet for a pre-teen.  After a few weeks, Anna disclosed that her family life was “not too positive” and that her mother suffered from depression.  Her father had lost his job and the family had to move in with relatives.    Anna also said that she was being bullied at school.  Anna was overwhelmed, and clearly was looking for help.  Family Service staff provided emotional support to Anna, as well as a counseling referral.  They reached out to Anna’s family to involve them in programs for support and access to needed resources.  By the end of the school year, Anna confided that she had new friends and ended the year with very good grades.  She excitedly reported that her family was moving to a new apartment.  A few weeks later, the school and Family Service were able to connect Anna with a teen training program for preschoolers.  The staff closely monitored Anna’s experience there and received wonderful reports about her personal and    social development.  Just before school started, Anna excitedly shared her summer experience, clearly demonstrating new social and leadership skills that will help all her life.