Governing Board

The Governing Board, whose members represent communities across our service area and a wide variety of businesses and interests, oversees the strategic policy decisions that ensure the agency’s mission and viability.


Nancy Sawle-Knobloch, President
Hometown: Highland Park
Professional Affiliation:
Founder--Peelers, Pans and Peppers LLC
Kevin Forrest
Hometown: Deerfield
Professional Affiliation: Cushman & Wakefield
Richard Basofin, Secretary
Hometown: Highland Park
Professional Affiliation: The Basofin Group
John Abrams, Treasurer 
Hometown: Naperville
Professional Affiliation: Wells Fargo Advisors
James Utts, Past President
Hometown: Lake Forest
Professional Affiliation: Roundtable Healthcare Partners


Alejandro Arguelles
Hometown: Barrington
Professional Affiliation: United Stationers

Halle Aten, Ph.D.
Hometown: Highland Park
Professional Affiliation: Psychologist
J. William Braithwaite 
Hometown: Barrington 
Professional Affiliation: Bazos, Freeman, Kramer, Schuster, Braithwaite LLC
Eileen Cherry Clark
Hometown: Barrington
Professional Affiliation: Baxter Credit Union (BCU)
Tom Groth
Hometown: Gurnee
Professional Affiliation: Highland Park Bank & Trust
Eric Hernandez
Hometown: Elmwood Park
Professional Affiliation: Highland Park Police Department
Karen Kabbes
Hometown: Barrington
Professional Affiliation: Kabbes Engineering, Inc.
Jeanne Mason, Ph.D.
Hometown: Bannockburn
Professional Affiliation: Baxter International, Inc.
Beth Mynhier
Hometown: Lake Forest
Professional Affiliation: Community Volunteer
Stacy Theodorakakis
Hometown: Glenview
Professional Affiliation: First Bank of Highland Park
Jan Victor
Hometown: Lake Forest
Professional Affiliation: Director, Career Services,
Trinity International University
Henry Wisniewski

Hometown: North Barrington
Professional Affiliation: Independent Investment Banking Professional