2013-2014 Latino Youth Initiate College-Bound Achievements

Our Latino Youth Initiative Coordinator worked with three students in the LYI (Latino Youth Initiative) program on their College Bound Opportunities (CBO) applications over a month. Together, the students and our Coordinator worked on filling out the application, writing their essays and preparing for the interview. All three students were so responsible throughout the whole process.  They scheduled extra individual meetings and phone meetings with our Coordinator to get all of their applications prepared. After all of their hard work, all three students recently were accepted to CBO!  Our Coordinator celebrated their achievement:  "I am so proud of their accomplishments and to see how much they have grown through LYI programming.  Their achievement will be an inspiration to all LYI students."  The CBO program identifies high-achieving but under-resourced high school juniors from Deerfield, Highland Park, and Lake Forest High School who, without support, would likely forgo post-secondary education and assists them in applying to and completing college. CBO scholars receive one-to-one mentoring by volunteers, tutoring, training services, laptop computers, and up to $4,000 per year in financial support.